bipolar and me dealings


So I have been going to doctors after doctors…. mainly psychologist…. I have bipolar disorder with maybe possible adhd….I’m 25…. I know my significant other wants to think I’m fine, perfect , and normal but I might be in his eyes… but does not mean this disorder will subside… yes im on medications but they don’t always work…some of the time they do…. doesn’t stop me from going into a manic episode all the time… I have accepted this condition I have… the disease is invisible and strickly in the head… that is always I have been accused of being on drugs…don’t get me wrong I have had drug history but at these times I was clean… the high euphoria was kicked in at the times and sometimes the way I act would be equal to a individual on drugs… I have been talking my significant other about this alot but I’m trying to make sure he knows our kids could inherit this disorder as well…. but sometimes it seems he is in denial and I guess he just wants me to be perceive as normal person when I’m far from it… I just want him to accept this about…It might time and work….

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