I’m still scared.

I still can’t shake the paranoia. I used to be able to write with abandon. With ease. Now, I worry that they’ll find me here too. And I’ll be an even bigger joke then I am now (if that’s even possible).

But I’ll risk it. I’ll risk it because there’s no other way to relieve the pain that’s pushing me down.

It’s how I get through everything: writing it all down.

2 thoughts on “I’m still scared.”

  1. I’ve been bullied on the internet for years because of stuff I wrote about or enjoyed. I’ve received death threats & threats to harm me & destroy my computer. It still haunts me & I’m still afraid,but I kept writing & enjoying. They hate me cuz I am a female with a passion for sporty cars,& a decent knowledge of cars. They can hate me,threaten me,make my life a living hell,but I am going to keep writing & loving sporty cars. Keep in mind,the haters are cowards & they attack others to feel good about themselves. KEEP WRITING

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