Life Lesson #6

You can’t fake Love. Staying in a love relationship when love is not what you feel isn’t likely to end well. If you know that what you crave is security/ disposable income/child care and not the person next to you in bed, do the right thing. Its’s true that one can learn to love someone over time and often through difficult circumstances. But unless the two of you agree to wait until you’re old and all the storms have passed, in the hope that love will kick in, it’s better to bail sooner rather than later.

3 thoughts on “Life Lesson #6”

  1. This is true:). I can’t wait to experience that feeling:)

  2. This is so true! I can tell you from personal experience: that marrying someone just ’cause he and his parents think it’s a good idea, is NOT smart! In my case, it lasted 16 yrs, created 2 babies, and I spent the entire marriage as a solo parent. He helped create them, but denied fathering them, and paid absolutely no more attention to them. This marriage, this Loving, this is how things should be for everyone!! BTW Thanks for your kind words. They help enormously!
    Emmi 🙂

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