Crop Circles

What’s life all about? I watched two documentaries yesterday about Crop Circles, I’m baffled! Is it orbs and energy that create them? Is it a message for humans by aliens? Is it a message for space? Or from space? I feel like humans as a race are on the verge of discovering something MASSIVE, maybe someone somewhere has alreay discovered something, maybe the government and higher wouldn’t let us find out about it if they did. I feel like there must be something else, I don’t know what, whether it’s a living thing or a spirit type thing, or an energy or light type thing I have no idea but there’s something else. Our “God” is the Sun, the stars and Galaxy is relevant to our time as humans here on Earth, time and space is everything. The orbs of light that so many people have seen just can’t be coincidence! Maybe these lights are there all the time but can only be made visible to a human if they’re in a certain mental state or frame of mind? We are an intelligent species, we don’t even use the full capacity of our brains, if we could would we be telepathic? Would we be able to remember absolutely everything? Would we be able to connect with other species? I’m drifting off topic now. Crop Circles seem too perfect to have been man made, they’re too big and neat. The actual crops themselves are undamaged, they have higher energy readings that the rest of the field they’re in, how is that even possible? The pictures are in some way connected to the Egyptians. They appear all over the world, the same crop circle can appear in more than one country, so if it is a hoax is this really a person or people putting in all that effort? Crop Circles that are half a mile long can appear within a couple of hours, it just makes no sense. The army tried to recreate a crop circle, it took them all day to make one 70 metres long, there was no way these large intricate designs in fields were man-made. The scale of these designs were so big, and completely symmetrical that it could only be done by someone looking at it from above, you couldn’t make a design in a field half a mile long that was that perfect without being able to see what you were doing could you? And do it overnight? I don’t think so. It all seems… Weird.

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  1. I kinda just skimmed overwhat you wrote to read your profile, sorry:). You seem pretty cool, and I am open to the idea of other life forms. Welcome to goodnight journal, my name is Luny and I’m nuts:). I love the color purple too!

  2. Thank you Luny 🙂 I believe there must be something else out there… very kind of you to leave a comment 🙂 Oh and I’m nuts too!! Yay to nuts lol have a nice day my friend! 😀

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