I just wanna cry! It’s been 12 days, since he passed on, I’ve zipped up to Napier with my half-sister Lilian , who’s over in NZ from Oz, (Australia,) visiting with her sons and their families, in Wellington. Her mother is buried up in Napier, and whenever she comes home from Perth in western Oz, she goes to visit her mums’ grave. Sooo, because she was driving up and had to pass through Carterton on her way, I decided to go with her.  Hastings/Napier and Gisbourne to the northeast of Wairarapa, are known as one of the “fruit bowl” areas of NZ! There are Orchards everywhere and everything is growing strong – the scent of flowers, fruit and ocean spray fills the air! (Right beside the Pacific Ocean, east of the Ruahine mountain range!) We ate, ripe pink grapes, dark red cherries, flatbread subway wraps, battered fresh fish and french fries with avocado and lettuce salad, hot bread. peanut chocolate slabs, ….. aahhh! It was awful, the amount of food we consumed. But always, was the background sadness to everything !

I still cry a couple of times a day.  I miss him, but I don’t know what it is that I miss, exactly!??  His body was totally fallen apart – his skin was bursting and his insides were beginning to leak out, his flesh was dying before our eyes, but the Life in him was strong, and I realised back in July, that he will not leave me until he is certain that I will manage without him.

He was my love, my baby, my boy, my confidente, my friend. He loved me more than he loved his daddy because he felt responsible for my safety, my security; and I must admit, when David first gave him to me, my nerves were bad, I was so jumpy! Every little bump or scrape in the night woke me and I had difficulty sleeping. This doggie taught me to trust him, by trusting the Creator God who gave him excellent hearing, and extremely sensitive nostrils. He could hear someone outside the house before they were close enough to realise that it was a house. I could trust his ears to hear and his nostrils to scent danger of any other kind. Within 6 months of having him sleep on a mattress at the end of our bed, (on the floor,) I was sleeping like a baby – so I gave Tippy his own room at the end of the hall and I dragged his mattress in there. We had a spare bed-base resting against the wall, so we threw his mattress up there, and he had a bed with legs!

I have every intention of remeniscing and recounting incidents with my dog  Tippy until I no longer hurt. If that takes a year, so be it!~



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  1. You need to grieve and get it out of your system no matter how long it takes like you say. That’s the same way with my dog sprout he is little but a great watch dog. Let’s me know when someone is coming before they get to the door. I love him with all my heart and he is just my little companion and friend. Time will heal emmi and you will always have Tippy in your heat and memories. I believe we will see our pets in heaven again:) Beautiful pictures:) Have a good week emmi:)

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