vows he doesn’t know it

So I had another slight episode of being manic… I remember just being happy and socialable one minute then I just started out of the middle of no where crying… and then after that I was angry and irritable…. I have my ups and downs from having this disorder… I have finally admit that…I accept it, just have to do what I can to improve and work through this disorder… crazy thing was riding on the to Aulander, N.C and I wrote my vows for my significant other…whom might I say is the father of my children and whom I was already married too once…. I love with everything in me…
so I’m going to share my vows… I understand them from word to word I will probably have to break it down to him on which sentence means what
Vows to crowthescorpionking( gaia username)
Our love is strong
It grows through each tragedy
Enemies has tried to split us
But we fought and will conquer
Our souls have been united in this lifetime ( who knows about their other past lifes)
My life essence craves you
The bond is unspeakable , with no words to describe it
I longed craved your love
Would you share your life essence with me?
The consequences might be dire.
Your soul and mine to be connected for eternity.
Your soul and my soul will always find each other in future lifes

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