family argues

In tears smilies/icon_crying.gif , most of the time I can’t go through days without being a emotional wreck…. I feel I have no family….that they just put up with me because I have no where else to go…..I know I have said some things about my aunt but she is like a mom to me cause I didn’t have one and still don’t because she thinks only if herself….my cousin gets picked over me because that is her blood child….what am I ? just a cast off…… when you think your family is there, there aren’t really

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  1. I feel the same way. I have three sisters and one brother. I feel like my mother will always pick any one of them over me. I get picked on by my whole family. All I try to do is keep the house clean so that my parents don’t get mad when the house is a mess, but my siblings just don’t care. I’m fifteen and the second oldest from the rest of my siblings. They don’t listen to my. My parents argue like there’s no tomorrow. I found out that my dad was hiding a laptop from my mom, and it was not to surprise her with one. I guess he was using it for chat rooms, to talk to other women. I got so upset. My parents don’t know that I know, but I can’t believe he did this. I over heard them in the car when they probably thought I was either sleeping or listening to music. My mother said that this was not the first time that he goes on chat rooms. I never would have thought that my dad would be like my uncles or his brothers and cheating or whatever the case was. My uncles are all divorced, even my godfather. So, my whole family argues, with or without me.

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