Feeling Somewhat Better

I am trying to keep my mind off my pains & suffering.  Had a look at pictures of horses. I loved horses when I was a child. I read all the Black Beauty & Black Stallion books. I collected toy horses & had a real pony. I’d love to ride a horse again. I miss horses. 

4 thoughts on “Feeling Somewhat Better”

  1. I love horses too:) I used to ride all the time had my own horse named patches he was palimetto and beautiful colors that’s why i called him patches.Glad your feeling better.

  2. I don’t like horses. It’s nothing personal, I’m just not equine-friendly. Or any form of friendly, for that matter:)

  3. If you weren’t friendly you wouldn’t be answering comments and saying nice things about people. And you like sprout lol. Luny stop being so hard I know you have a soft heart for people:)

  4. I just don’t like horses, sprout is an adorable dog:). Typing nice comments is easy when you can delete the stupid things you type because they’re the first things that come to mind! But thank you sprout, I try really hard to be nice, but I’m quite impatient:)

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