I’m Much Sicker

I need medical care,but my husband won’t allow it. I need meds,but he’ll claim he can’t afford them. My gums,ears, head hurt so bad I find myself suicidal,but then I think of my 2 sons and don’t wanna leave them alone with my husband. He’d murder my boys if I weren’t here. So,I am elected to suffer through all this sickness and pain…all that suffering. 

3 thoughts on “I’m Much Sicker”

  1. A hospital can’t turn you down if its life threading. And if not go to some place that will bill you.

  2. I am recovering. My son had his cat in the house all day yesterday. I am allergic to cats. The cat being in the house all day caused me to have a severe allergic reaction. I almost died. My son won’t listen when I tell him cats aren’t allowed in the house.

  3. I’m allergic to cats too. But it’s just my eyes get irritated, so not as bad as you:)

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