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I should be in bed but, here I am writing my personal/private jurnal.

I was on talking to my friends on one of the social media websites and they were all full of adorning compliments about their husbands. You know the type of thing they say…they have the best husband in the world. He is their best friend, listens to them and supports them in their chosen paths….blah blah blah…

I know it’s selfish of me but, I felt left out! Why wouldn’t I ? I mean I am single into my  40’s for heaven’s sake they could have been a little sensitive,, I did point out that I couldn’t contribute due to my single  status but, I don’t think they heard me…not to mention that one member of the group is divorced..

I have to say that once they realised their mistake they did offer platitudes to this friend saying she is better off single, I would have liked someone to offer me some words of comfort but, none were forthcoming…I know I’ m selfish, what can I say I like to be the center of attention I mean who doesn’t?

Don’t get me wrong I’ m happy being single, it suits me at the moment. I am happy with work, pretty much do what I want but, still it would be nice of my friends to offer me some shred of hope (they have done in the past), the reason they stopped maybe is because I make jokes of every little hope they try to send my way,,,,why do I make a joke of finding a potential husband,, the answer to that is so that I don’t have to admit the truth to my friends…

Don’t worry it#s not anything that dramatic. I am single simple because I haven’t found the person for me…chances are when the time is right I will meet him,,,,,,I truly believe that….

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  1. you will fine him:) i didn’t fine mine until I was 50 and its been 8 years married to my soulmate,best friend, lover, and all around great husband:)

  2. Supposedly true love is only around the corner. However that corner can be very far away. But as soon as you are ready, you will get there! Keep searching/running for that right corner. You will find it (him) soon 🙂 xx

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