Skype, te quiero

It might sound silly, but I still get just as nervous to see your face on my computer screen as I did 5 months ago. Sometimes that feeling with you is how I know we have something so special. It’s never stagnant. It’s never boring. It’s never the same. I still get butterflies when it’s been a while since I’ve seen you, and I still cry when you go away. My feelings for you never fade, they just keep growing stronger and more interesting every day. I believe in our relationship so much, and I’m glad we haven’t officially said those 3 words yet. I don’t want to ruin something that feels this good. I don’t ever want to ruin something with someone I can already see myself with for the rest of my life. I just love this and I love us, because we’re always getting better and improving and changing together. I’m so excited for more. I like you so much, that “like” doesn’t even do it justice sometimes. That’s where it becomes tricky, but I’m not worried. I know you are just as much in this as I am.

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