Expressing Feelings Therapy homework


Stress in your life can produce feelings that make you uncomfortable. So you may try to keep a lid on them. ” Stuffing” your feelings deeper inside leads to even more stress, growing in a vicious cycle until you boil over or lash out at someone. Learning how to express your feelings appropriately and constructively is one of the kindest things you can do for youself.

What is the best way to express my feelings?

Most of the time when it comes to family, close friends, or my boyfriend talking about my feelings with them . I tend to it in a negative way and it doesn’t come out the way I want it too. Guilt takes over of how I phrased it then I get confused. When it comes to my close friends , we have differences , so it makes it harder for them to understand me. When it comes to my family members I feel I am always judged or labled when I express my feelings to them. When it comes to my boyfriend sometimes I feel he doesn’t understand and if i’m not careful with the words I use it can end up in confrontation.

I keep of journal on here of my feelings so it gives me that thought process of thinking before I go talk to whomever I need to talk to and it’s also nice because I can see how much I’ve grown throughout times.

Music is another way of how I express my feelings ¬†depending on what mood I’m in depends the music I listen too.

I also research home remedies, essential oils, astrology, horoscopes, poetics, mythology and pray to the gods and goddesses. I rarely practice magic if done need be will go the positive route.


I relax also going also outside and meditating breathing in and out the air, or lay on the bare ground look at  stars observe basically, love swimming , love hot bath for soothing purposes.

I think my problem is talking to people but not saying it right. I’m to quick to thing. My sarcasm gets me in trouble but as because a habit because I’ve done it all my life

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