Monday night I ate a lot agian.

I got up little late, could not get a chance to have breakfast and I went to work out on my lunch break. So I did not eat at all pretty much all day. then my cousin wanted to have a BBQ for dinner so we did and I ate so much that I am having hard time breathing lol. It did not end there after the dinner we went to grocery market and got pecan pie and donuts. Although we are so full, we can still eat sugars! how’s your Monday going? two more days and it’s holiday!

One thought on “Monday night I ate a lot agian.”

  1. Yes and i am saving my stomach for Thanksgiving:) What are you doing Thanksgiving? I just got done making 3 loafs of pumpkin bread and 3 loafs of chocolate chip nut pumpkin bead. Will be taking it over to my husbands parents with his family this year. I do hope you have a very blessed Thanksgiving CaiflorniaDream and thanks for working so hard on this site to make it such a awesome site for all of us to use:) Have a good week:)

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