Todays news and the horrible doctor day!

Todays the day, the sun is shining, I’m fucking freezing! But all is good! Haha xD Its so cold outside! Like minus something! Why is it always so bloody cold! The sun shining though so that’s a nice touch!  Anyway, I have great news! I am getting yet another two tattoos to add to my mini starting collection! Well I know for sure I have got two booked in to be done on the 7th of Dec, but I may be adding another one on top of that on the same day, as it’s only a little one on my finger so the lovely tattoo artist may let me have it done at the same time. So that makes three! Three tattoos to look forward to! Yay!!!!

On another note, today I got told I need yet another M.R.I Scan (scanning my knee this time) (last time it was my neck and shoulder) and to go to a silly place called “Hands Are Us!” I will admit it does make my chuckle every time I hear or say it! Such a cliché to Toys ‘R’ Us! It’s supposedly some new thing the hospital has set up, blah blah blah. They also took my blood again to, like always. Every 3 weeks they have to take at least 3 to4 bottles of the bloody stuff! I think they drink it! I wouldn’t if I was them, it will only make them ill! 😀 Actually maybe they should then they will know I feel! As they always say they don’t know how it feels. Did you know the other day the doctor (let’s call him Mr H) told me I was basically fucked as I won’t ever be ‘normal’ again and there is nothing they can do for me! I can not even begin to tell you how I felt about that. As soon as the appointment was over I went straight out and into the next room to see my other doctor (we will call him Dr D – he’s head of all staff etc), who quickly left the room after I told him what happened and gave Dr H a piece of his mind. Dr D then came back in the room and sat next to me and apologized on behave of all of his staff and said, although technically we both know its true (we banter about it – to make light of the situation etc) Dr H never had the right to say that, and that they will always be here for me and that for as long as HE (dr d) is a doctor he will always try to help me, no matter how long it takes! (This is why I love this doctor, I always feel loved when he is in charge, unlike the other twat!) Dr D is so caring. And such a good leader, I see why he is in charge of all staff now! We then chatted for a couple of hours and laughed about my illness. Trust me when I say, there is nothing better then a doctor you can joke about your illness with! He and my only female Dr (Dr B) are the only ones I feel truly comfortable around.


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