What’s bothering you therapy homework


Major life events, such as divorce or a job change, can cause major stress. But so can small things, like the person working near you hums constantly, clicks a ballpoint pen or pops bubble gum.

When small things pile up we may feel stress without knowing why. What are some of the little things that may be bothering you? What can you do about them? If there’s nothing you can do, how can you reduce the stress they cause?

Annoyance; Jessie , Your stress reaction; talking to him;scared of getting hurt again;regret from past;The distance bothers me, Your coping plan; going slow;talking more;better communication process

Annoyance;$$$ Your stress reaction;worry and freak out mode ( cigs :'(     ),Your coping plan;one day at a time or one step at a time

Annoyance; Family; Your stress reaction; defensive and angry cause I feel they don’t understand, depression , anger;Your coping plan Journaling my stress with them and try to do silent treatment .

Annoyance;kids;Your stress reaction;missed them and severe depression and constant worry are they ok?;Your coping plan; Remembering the times I did have with them. Having dreams of them helps me. and the hope that they will come find me when they get older.

Annoyance; World; Your stress reaction; walk through  it, paranoia ; Your coping plan; stay indoors or stay with something familiar to me


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