Getting him to understand

The previous two journals on this date happen sometime within the last month or two…I’m dragging right now because I started taking my medicine for my bipolar disorder…. I’ve had doctor’s appts after doctor’s appts…. I have applied for my disability because I can’t control my moods very well with this disorder…I’m trying to get my boyfriend that I have this disorder but he wants and I guess needs to see me as normal…. I accept it…. I never thought I would be frustrated that someone won’t accept this…He will in time…We our separated as in living in two different states so that also takes a emotional toll on me as well…. trying to get myself better before I take the drastic step of moving back up there…. my boyfriend by the way is my ex husband and father of my children….

3 thoughts on “Getting him to understand”

  1. Very well said LunyLove:) So true if he does really love you and you him nothing will stop you from being together:)

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