Is It Me?

I never thought at 20 I’d be a single and lonely mother, but than again I’m not lonely just alone. Who knew 3 long wasteful years of being with you would end like this. Just another black family broken. Another black single mother and another black deadbeat father. Who knew? I’ve been searching for an answer and somehow I just can’t find the words to console myself. Im not a victim no , I’m the allowance, because I allowed you to treat me this way. Know I refuse for you or anyone to treat my child like the way you treated me. Breaking my spirits and making me feel like I wasn’t even worth the ground you walked on. I … No! We owe you nothing. Your going to end up just like the people you surround yourself with. Lazy,Good for nothing,Haughty, and going No Where. Best Wishes. The war is not over just yet.

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