We Have Our Tippy, Home Again!

Aaaahh relief!! We went to get Tippy’s ashes from the vet, today! I carried them in my backpack, but I couldn’t help being tearful as we moved down the street toward the grocery store. It’s been 2 weeks of unrest, since his last journey to the vet, and now his box of ashes is sitting beside the small TVset and the video recorder which we have on our bedroom table. These next photographs are of Tippy during his first year of life, with 2 of his sisters and his mother Jess. He grew like a weed during that 1st year! And that look he’s giving his dad: you all know what it is, don’t you? He’s acknowledging David as pack leader! (… and I would not have known tidbits of information like that if I had not read some of Davids’ notes taken from Cesar Millan’s videos.) Well, No more chit-chat: Here are the photos!

Emmi 🙂

(Click on the Pics and they will enlarge.)

2 thoughts on “We Have Our Tippy, Home Again!”

  1. Those are wonderful pictures emmi. How beautiful was he and so faithful to you both you can tell. Oh a dogs love there is nothing like it. Besides the love of your husband:)

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