Drama Holidays!!!

You know you aren’t suppose to fight during the holidays….I often wonder why people get so stressed over the holidays…. It’s suppose to be about love, peace, and thankful thoughts and words…. Money isn’t everything learn  to celebrate the fact that you are around those people….I’ve had a rocky non trustful relationship with my mom for years…I have regret, resentment, anger, depression, and jealousy…. I have no clue onto how to get over it… I’ve tried writing how I feel to  her but the more I got around her she just seemed to get further away…She has lied to me so many times it’s not fair… I ‘ve tried different methods and I’m tired of this grudge…. She is been this thanksgiving holiday ,thank fully it’s has gone quite well…but the feelings still remain…I’m bad with phrasing words sometimes when It comes to a complex subject and I also  come off wrong

2 thoughts on “Drama Holidays!!!”

  1. That’s ok we all have a little drama in our family’s sometime. Just do your best on your part and have a happy Thanksgiving:)

  2. I’m actually in a good mood because I got my meds… so at least I’m not a emotional rollarcoaster like normal… you have a happy thanksgiving as well….much peace and health and blessed be

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