It could be worse….

Waking up to a little boy whispering baba in my ear puts me in such a good mood. So here I am thinking what went wrong. I got us together to go to the grocery store and buy some well needed items. I think “yay I’m done and great I found a short line”. I don’t know about anyone else but I hate using Wic but I can’t afford food with out it. I hate being a statistic. When will I get a break? Not only is the check out lady making it painfully obvious that I’m using Wic but now my child decides that he wants to scream and get out of the cart. SHIT! Well at least we are done. Next challenge is to get in the car. On our way to the car a man decides he’s tired of waiting for people to clear the lane and decides to speed around them, long behold he nearly misses my cart with my son in it. What the hell man?! Are you kidding me? Is the place you need to get to more important than a child’s life? God I wish I was a loud mouth ghetto asshole. Finally we get home and I’m on the verge of a mental break down. I can’t take it anymore. Between the crying, the assholes who feel like no one else’s life matters, and the constant gut feeling that I’m alone on a day I should be thankful, I’m going to EXPLODE. Positive thoughts I guess, It could be worse.

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