I’m HEALING….. the first day!


Although I allowed myself a brief hour of heart-wrenching sobbing,


today has been the 1st day of healing!!  Today, I finished reading the book


I started reading two nights ago: “The Fourth Protocol” by Fredrick


Forsythe. He writes my favourite kinds of novels, ‘a la Ian Fleming!’


About espionage, spies…. the Security Intelligence Service etc….


My husband came to check on me, and I felt as thiough I were being


rushed…. so I left the last chapter until after I had gone shopping with


him, so that I could still keep track of all the characters and the different


plots which seemed to drift along parallel to the main plot.


OK! So, we went shopping. Had to buy an old towel to rub Ollie dog


down after his morning run with daddy; and a bag of compost. We have


Tippy home, so we will need to bury his ashes. Just like our girl cats, we


have a large tub/planter pot for Tippy to rest in and we will cover him with


compost and put a plant, possibly a patio rose on top. We’ll see!


I also made some black n’ white photocopies of  Tippy and a couple of


Gray-gray  our boy cat, at the Library. Costs 50 cents for each copy and it

saves me using so much ink at home. When I got home, I found some spare

photo frames, measured the photocopied pictures against the frames, trimmed


the pictures to fit, found some artists canvas paper, plastered the pictures


to the trimmed canvas and left them to dry while I finished my storybook!


When I came back to the pictures, I cleaned the glass in the frame, turned


the pictures into it, and pressed the card backing over that, turning down the


pins which hold the card in place. Voila! I am so much better now that I can


see my 2 dogs and 2 cats everyday, and talk to them!


We also have 1 other single mattress in the house, and I suggested that if


we covered it with something which is water-proof; we could throw that


mattress on the floor, (in our room,) and Ollie dog would be more comfortable


at night, since he is the size of a small pony,  (I call him ‘horse!’) possibly less


whiney. We are determined to have him become a ‘boy’ like Tippy was, and not


remain a not-very-smart, dog!  Tippy is our standard for every dog we shall ever


have. Ollie dog does have a long way to go, but he has learned a whole lot of


good stuff from Tip. I know that he also misses him! The last thing I’ve done


today, is to sew a water-proof covering for Ollies’ new bed. I was exhausted,


but my darling husband held the 4 metres of fabric for me, so All I had to do


was put my foot down and hold the fabric under the stitching foot!


(Oh! btw – I finished sewing those knickers in October. Made 3 prs and they


are so comfortable … I know I said that I would put pics up when I’ve finished




Huh!! Just cos’ they’re not on me, doesn’t make it the right thing to do!


So, guess what, you lot aren’t going to see pics of them. They’re MY Knickers,


for-goodness-sake!! – 😀




** The two photocopied pics of Tippy and Gray-gray, to follow! :)**



3 thoughts on “I’m HEALING….. the first day!”

  1. Emmi that is so nice that you can see them and have them there with you and go out back and visit. They both are adorable:) And for the knickers its a shame i can’t see them. But you do what you need to do with your knickers lol. Have a great week emmi.
    Charlotte & sprout

  2. Charlotte! I love your name, it reminds me of one of the Bronte sisters, and a Jane Eyre character in one of her books. Thanks for your comments…. and I still cry for my boy, as I say, but I know that I am healing now.
    Thank you!

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