A awkward errand

So I went out to the grocery store earlier…My anxiety was sky to the high… I was so clumsy I don’t know how many objects I actually dropped or ran into…. Most of the time when I’m alone with no one I don’t know around me this happens… it’s like someone took my security blanket of whom people I know…. I don’t know to act sometimes…and my words get so clumped together that sometimes people don’t know what I’m saying… someone described it to me is like I don’t take breaths in between each word….

2 thoughts on “A awkward errand”

  1. possible public anxiety? i know when i go places alone and especially to new places ive never been, i get bad anxiety about it and sometimes words dont come out like normal when im trying to talk to someone. idk why it happens, but it does. im fine when im with others though, just when im alone.

  2. oh I have generalized anxiety and social anxiety and take nerve medication that would put most people out….. and I understand what you mean

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