Family Frustration

I am a firm believer that  when a parent falls ill from disease or age there children should be there to assist them. Parents are there from the start easing aches and pains and cooling fevers. With that said I feel cheated. I want it known I love my mother very much. At 29 years old I am having to babysit my mother. The reason I feel cheated is because each and every ailment that she is currently dealing with is 100% her fault. My mother is diabetic. She sugar levels are never under control due to her eating habits. Her weight is well over 300 lbs because she does nothing but eat, sleep and go to doctor appointments. Anytime she comes to stay with my husband and myself we make sure to cook enough for our children and the adults. Within 45 minutes of dinner she is eating an entire meals again and will continue to eat large meals or snacks every few hours. I know for certain that she is using hard drugs. Which only makes her health problems worse. She calls me 9 to 10 times a day for no reason at all. If she was to just clean her life up, eat better and pay attention to her life she would be so much healthier and happy. I feel bad because my family  will most likely be moving out of state and she WILL NOT come with us. She doesnt clean she doesnt bath and she needs to understand the ball is in her court. She has to make herself better.

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  1. Personally, I think your mother can take care of herself, but that’s my opinion, I’m not very good with old people:) If you’ve already told your mom how you feel about her lifestyle, you can’t do much else. Moving without her may serve as a wake up call she needs to do something to gain back your respect.

  2. I think you should talk to her about your feelings for her to change. I will tell you from being a RN that if your mother doesn’t get more help soon from the things she is doing. She might not be here long anyway. She might be using some of her health issues to keep you there so she will have to depend on you. Does she have a husband? You do need your own life and sometime you have to decide some tough love to make changes. Also so you don’t feel guilty about leaving you might want to set up a plan where there is someone to help and be there for her in case something goes wrong. Also she needs to get help with her physiological well being.

  3. my mom and dad divorced when I was six and my dad passed away in june she has her best friend that helps also but she depends on her the exact same way she does with me. but she doesnt spend near as much time with her as with me. she will have to deal with the tough love thing becasue when we move she will not be moving with us. my husband dislikes her becasue of the disrespect for my house she has shown…im worried that if she doesnt change i wont have a relastionship with her not becasue of my husband or anyone expect for her its all just to much at time

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