First Entry

Well this is my first post. I used to have an online diary long long time ago and it was kind of neat. Recently, I figured I would find a site and start another one since I always have things on my mind that I could write down. When I was younger I had a paper diary but that ended long long ago and I don’t think I could keep up with a paper one again or the fact that I don’t want it to be read by anyone I know. I know it’s weird to have a public diary on the internet, but this way, I can remain annonymous to people I don’t know and I can write whatever my hear desires. This one prolly won’t be long considering I have housework to finish before I head to my mom’s to make sugar cookies….yum. But until I am on here writing again, hope everyone has a good day =]

4 thoughts on “First Entry”

  1. Hello, I’m Luny, do you want to be friends? I have a paper diary that I write memorable things in so I’ll be able to look back on it when I find it in the attic in my crazed adult years:). I like your username:)

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