have u ever felt lost and very un aware of whats going on well i do and i dont even no why because im usually a happy person but on the inside i feel scared and alone like i want to cry for so reason at all idk if im bipolar or just plan weird but im like that …i have friends but i have none that i can trust it sounds weird but true i wish i had someone that can understand me for me ..i usually act childish and innocent but when im alone i feel scared and well LOST

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  1. Your profile sounds like my friend Whitney, she loves anime. But you’re younger than her, so never mind, unless your name IS Whitney:) I feel that way a lot sometimes, but you’re a teenager and so am I, it’s normal. I also have no one to trust, it seems, but that’s why I’m on this site. I also have a journal that I actually write personal stuff in.
    I hope I helped you Hershey, and I love your name, I want to eat you!

  2. Names cute. And I am blessed that I had a very best friend when i was growing up to confide and My parents were great about most things. Hung in there it will get better:)

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