Feeling like a failure.

My husband has been ignoring me because I left him and I want a divorce so now he won’t answer my calls or texts or pick up or acknowledg. Our daughter. It’s like he treated me like I wasn’t shit but got the nerve to be mad at me . It’s like no matter how mad you are with me you do not ignore your daughter. I want my daughter to have a relationship with her father but I can’t force it so if he’s comfortable without getting her then forget it. I just feel like I betrayed my daughter because her dad is a as shole for real and doesn’t give a damn about anybody but himself

3 thoughts on “Feeling like a failure.”

  1. Cowards are usually like that. It doesn’t matter if he’s such a jerk. As long as your the best parent for your kids everything’s gonna be fine. he’s gonna have to answer to the kids someday.

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