How was your Monday?

How’s your Monday after the long weekend? my was alright. working all day, work out on lunch break, and eating fried chicken for dinner while I am writing this right now. It’s already December and I’m gonna be 31 in a month. Time really does fry. It gets me little depressed to just get old without achieving goals that I had planned to achieve on this time frame in my life. I will never give up though. It’s just taking longer that I expected.

5 thoughts on “How was your Monday?”

  1. I just had my 59th birthday today. You CaliforniaDream are young and still have your whole life ahead of you. And your mom LundyLove is also young. Seen alot and done alot and accomplished alot. But the best thing that i have achieved in my life time is getting my masters in nursing and marrying my soul mate Scott the love of my life:)

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