Sooo my boyfriend fucked up my leg. I have a muscle sprain at my knee and cannot walk. And guess what else? It’s my finals week. AWESOME. I’m so stressed out it’s not even funny. And I can’t even be mad at him, it was an accident. We were cuddling together in his bed and he readjusted himself, accidentally slamming his weight into my knee when he plopped back down. Let’s just say, I freaked him out. I screamed and burst out crying. He’s been waiting on me hand and foot since. It’s really nice honestly. It’s sweet. But he can’t fix everything…my math professor refuses to allow me to make up my math test. Fucking fabulous. Everyone else seems to be working with me. Blehhhh. Idk maybe all this “rest” will help me feel better. 

4 thoughts on “My KNEE D;”

  1. My mom hurt her knee driving in college, and her professor was surprised when she came in to take the test. I hope your knee gets better:). And bathe in the glory of your boyfriend taking care of you!

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