When All Is Said And Done??!!


The 2nd Dec was David’s & my 18th wedding anniversary, as well as being Tippys’ birthdate! We actually had 3 days of celebration. I made the joint anniversary/birthday cake on Sunday afternoon, a long, 3-egg vanilla sponge cake covered with sour-cream Icing and thinly sliced strawberries, then rolled up like a huge fat edible scroll! The top, I covered with more sour-cream Icing and dotted with smaller whole strawberries. This is what we had for supper on Monday 2nd Dec; a slice with breakfast on Tues. 3rd Dec and the rest we demolished after supper that Tues. evening! Our celebration dinner was going to be home-made chicken chow-mein, but it was so WARM on Wednesday, we just decided to have frankfurters, lettuce, and guacamole filled rolls with my own home-made mustard. (Well, I eat guacamole even if ‘himself’ doesn’t!)


We have already begun the process of cleaning up Tippys’ markings, around our home. Marks on the walls in the front hall, where he slept on his large flat cushion. The bathroom bare laminated floor boards where I would let him lay to cool down in the heat! (The bathroom window is left open permanently as it opens out to the back deck.) David has washed the plastic shower curtain which we had used to wrap his floor cushion in to help him keep cool, when he went to bed. It does hurt alittle, it’s rather like wiping out all trace of his existence in our home, but it has to be; anyway – we had left his markings sit there on the walls and floors and carpets, for almost 21 days, *sigh* not wanting to clean them away at all!


We buried his ashes in it’s own pot and it sits outside beside the rose, “Madame Lauriol de Barny, ” beneath which the ashes of ‘Silvee -bird,’ another one of Gray-gray’s sisters, is buried. We have decided to take cuttings from Veilchenblau, Chianti, Mdm Lauriol, Grussy, and my white Properity rose, and grow the cuttings in Tippys’ Tub. He loved to scratch himself on my rose bushes!


Sooooo…………. we are getting over this sad time. David said to me the other day: “now we have ALL of him back home with us again,” and he’s right! The real person, who Tippy became by being “our doggie,” is lodged right here in Davids’ and my heart. He will live as long as we live, and since we have planned to live forever, then so will he!


And that is a great comfort to both of us.


My darling husband, he’s just the best!! Some married couples never, “fit together.” David and I do, and we have done almost from the very beginning!


In my 1st marriage, even though it only lasted just short of 5 months, I was like an onlooker. I didn’t know how marriage worked, so I watched him to see where I fitted in. We were only beginning the process when the car crash separated us. In my 2nd marriage, I discovered the day after the wedding that my sole purpose in this arrangement, would be to ‘Give, give, give, give and not say a word!!’ I was instructed between punches, to “FIT in – although, you never will. Hahaha!”


Yes, it was awful, actually, worse than awful, but I have learned to appreciate the blessing of a ‘good husband.’ I have learned that Not all men are nasty and horrid with Adolf Hitler like tendancies!


Some men are just scared little boys who need someone to runaway and be safe with. I’m so pleased David chose me to runaway with; a hurting, scared, claws out, mistrusting, solo parent with 3 teenage children, needing someone to back her up; and an adult to love and to be loved by!


I have no animosity towards the 2nd marriage partner anymore. Without that experience, this marriage would not taste as sweet as it does. We both know where we’ve been, and have no desire to go back there ever again!




Emmi 🙂


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  1. You have me crying emmi and even though I was never married at the time. My 8 year relationship to a mam I thought I knew turn out to be a very angry alcoholic. As for me I also have found my sweet loving husband that i have been married to for 8 years and he is one of the most loving ,compassionate, thoughtful men I have ever met. We are both very blessed to have found the love of our lives. I am so happy to hear that Tippy will be ever resting in your back yard with you both. Isn’t it funny how life has its up’s and downs. I am finally home to emmi with love and peace with my loving husband Scott. Also I celebrated my 59th birthday yesterday. My husband took me out to dinner and bought me 3 wonderful gifts I have been wanting for a long time. It was a very special birthday. Have a good week emmi and enjoy each other.

  2. Oh Wow! Charlotte, Happy birthday you lovely sweet woman!!
    I must make a note – “December 3rd is Charlottes’ birthday!” You obviously know the wonder of having a terrific husband. It just changes your whole viewpoint, doesn’t it!??
    I am sending gifts to my daughter & husband in Wales – but I want to send you something too, unfortunately, I will have to wait till after New Year. It’s just far too busy for me this time of year! My 60th birthday will take place in about 3 months so that’ll be another busy time. Hee hee hee!! I CAN’T WAIT!
    Emmi xxx 🙂

  3. emmi you do not look a day over 40’s:)And I am not just saying that. I hope you have the best wonderful and awesome 60th birthday a women could have . You only turn 60 once and it should be celebrated well. I will give you my address as soon has you need it and you don’t have to send me a thing. It would be nice to write to you and send cards sometime. If you would like. Have a awesome week emmi and your a sweet adorable women Also. thanks so much for the comment you are very sweet:)

  4. Hi dear! I finally found you on here as OD is not working properly. Sorry I have been an absent friend (Dori) but I’m privileged to be able to go to school. I finally made a post on prose and OD tonight. I don’t recall if I posted it here or not. *sigh* overwhelmed is my middle name. Came to say hi and read you. I miss reading my friends. Happy Anniversary to a great couple! I am so glad you found each other 18 years ago! sweet!

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