Great Day

Today has to be one of those days that are good. Today I took me Spanish 101 oral(conversation) and written final. I passed the oral final part and now I’ waiting for the written part to be graded by Saturday. Then I went to my theater 110 acting class and saw some fantastic final scenes from plays that we didn’t read in the class, but the actors did a great job. And two classmates Kendra and Dwight bought a cupcake cake for everyone. The top looked like a cake, but at the bottom it was actually cupcakes. They were really good. My theater teacher had told us that we were his favorite class and he gave an incredible little speech. Although I sucked on my final scene, I did improve a lot in that class. I am usually very shy and quiet, I hardly talk to anyone unless they talk to me first. He had told me that I improved a lot, but there are things that I need to do to get better. Which I know is true, and I don’t blame him. He is a great teacher.

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