Daily Email, testing the journal service…

Master, I apologize, I do not think I ever wrote a PM email yesterday. If I did, sorry for the guesswork.

You know what I did most of my afternoon. The home in sl shows it, in addition I did some online activities, home activities,etc.

I am trying to work on my calendar and times of availability this morning, as well as  finding a new online journaling service, it may take a few, idk…but will find one we both can deal with.

Today’s List includes: laundry, bathroom, Christmas décor, dust and clean up desk, Organize a bunch of personal files for home, update my physical calendar at home, prepare my dog’s new food/diet for the week to freeze portions (turkey, green beans and brown rice in blender), get list together for drug and grocery stores…

It also includes: (if time permits) creating a resource page for the site, listing a few things on ebay, organizing my folders etc in my computer, begin “wants and needs stuff” and the newsletter really needs done. Of course: Daily emails, some sl. I would like to ask people about mentoring and whether they would consider it or not…

Blue said she would… That doesn’t need done today, I have no one asking for a mentor, and there is me too…. But it would be kinda nice to have a Dominant interested as wel, if Master Turstin cant, I will also ask Miss Bri and Miss Cay.

I was looking at my calendar list, and there are some days that are prep days for other days in which something is actually gonna happen in general. of course I will note each. the days that are prep take more time generally, the days of the events…well they are generally only the event times, usually 1/2 hr to 15 min prior.

Currently waking, it is just after 4am my time, zoe woke me again at 3am to eat (getting very annoying…made her once agiain wait til 4am to eat.).

I did check my dashboard to see if You were on, You were not..so I proceeded with my other online stuff.

I do love You, I hope You have a great morning…I know You leave tomorrow, it sucks really… But, what can I do.

In my opinion, we really need to wait on assigning me more to do till at least You return. I would really appreciate it. If You do not wish to wait, I will understand and try my best to not fail You.

I will get together an-mail with the cost break down from yesterday, some stuff is from my inventory, a lot is not..but some is transferable, and if it is…I will send to You. I forgot to do the gift thing, I never shop that way.

Rent is due every Wednesday…I paid the last one on the 4th, You may want to contact: Prokofy Neva in order to make arrangements for You to immediately put Your name on  the rent box if that’s what You need, and to issue You the tag and land perms… All of those will be necessary.

Was great to see You if only a little while Master yesterday evening. I realize we are looking for quality before quantity, but we need enough time to have quality time too. Hopefully the calendar can assist in that- as personally, I can’t rely on YM, we don’t really talk there, Skype is hit n miss, so, basically if we don’t have sl time…we don’t have time together. Just my thoughts on that.

Will chat soon .


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