Today was a good day.

Even though I had to work today from 2:45 to 11:15, today was a pretty good day. My nurse haven’t getting on my nerves and everyone was laughing and talking. I had a deep conversation with my coworker. She was talking about going speed dating but she in a relationship and just had a baby. Then she opened up about how her guy has cheated and she doesn’t trust him. Now the more I talk to other women about their relationships, I realized that I’m not the only was who was miserable with their boyfriend/husband. It’s like ill see other couples who seem like their happy but their having the same problems I was having or worse. Men aren’t the same anymore and it’s like their parents didnt teach them anything and they want to hit on you and be disrespectful. What’s going on??? Now Im not in a rush to meet anyone anytime soon I just want to focus on my children because its not worth being in a relationship anymore…

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