friend or foe

So up till now or at least very recently I counted her as a close and personal friend..

But of late…not so much. Every subject becomes a battle of wills…she is always right…she has the hardrr life.  She’s knows people who are more superior in knowledge and aee supposedly millionaires.

Her latest jibe at me, was my self confessed love for ahopping. I admit I love shopping…I love talking bought my purchses..I am not clothes horse no do I buy waht I cannot afford…but I am a hppy go lucky person..who does very little window shoppibg and comea home with at least one purchase…so what does my so called friend say to me….


Her higher intellect somehow gave her the authority to psych analyse my actions. She boldly told me I shop to fill a void in my life (my being single is the soncalled void) she says she uaed to be the same but has managed to control har addiction…she being a better human being finds her life fulfilling witboit the need to shop….

I should have reminded her yhat she ia an unwwd mother, struggling to divorce a husband who she has split from for physically and mentally abusing her…She’s been separated from him for three years but still plays the victim…I could have said so much more instead I said why so serious   u need to chil…I shop cos I enjoy…

She retorted by saying she was fed up of me going on about my purchases…(she forgets that she always tells lets me know that she has better purchases more expensive purchases than me. I neva tell her what I spend or what brand…just that I went shopping…I know I come across as shallow….but since then she has decided not to speak with me…and all this was done on text….

2 thoughts on “friend or foe”

  1. You don’t sound shallow. You are sharing with your friend about your life and what is going on in it…as you should be able to with a friend. I’m sorry to hear about your friendship. I hope it improves…maybe she is having a hard time handling things with the divorce and it’s making her snappy and short with the ones who are closes to her.

    I have a friend right now, who I feel has left me behind…maybe I will write about it one day.

    Shine on..

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