Playing the game too much !


written from my personal diary on  12/08/13

Once again that damn video game has off of my bf’s attention. Honestly, it doesn’t bother me as much as it used to. But it still irratates me a lot! He worked all morning, left work early, picked me up, we ate lunch at Mc. Donald’s, then we came home and he took a nap. I got ready for work, and went. I got home around 8:45 p.m. took a shower, he came to me kissed me and got on the game, which by the way he will be on the rest of the night. And tomorrow and everyday!!How is hours on the game fair and equal time to a lunch at Mc. Donald’s ?? IT ISN’T!! I really wish I never miscarried last October. Maybe the baby would’ve made him grow up. Anyways I know you’ll let me concieve agian when the time is right Lord! Even though I am a little hurt I let him play his game. I did the dishes today, cooked dinner, and ate. But he stayed on.  Take that back he just got off with an attitude saying we live together you see me while I’m playing the game! Yea true I do, but that isn’t spending time together. He plays the game like this all the time even before I got pregnant.. why can’t we get a second laptop so I can play the game with him? bond that way you know? Or why can’t he play every other day. Or spend one day a week with me? I just moved here to FL to be with him and he is all I have. Every one who I work with is old, and I do not know my way around yet…. Just feeling annoyed, left out, a little unwanted, and broken.

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