Ask yourself…

The other day I was watching a movie with my boyfriend. Honestly, I forget what movie it was, but there was a line that really stuck with me. It said, “If you can live without him, then move on.”

I sat there for a few minutes after that line and pictured my life without you. I remember all the times years ago that I liked you and you were so hard to get. I was the most depressed I’ve ever been in my life. I remember sobbing some nights just because I wanted to be with you so bad. It was awful. It was like I was some creepy stalker, and all I wanted was to be a part of your life in a special way. But I know you never wanted that. Now that I have you and we’re pretty much inseparable, I honestly could not picture my life without you. It’s weird, but I picture myself walking down the aisle some day, and you’re there at the end. I honestly feel like you are the one. It’s scary feeling this at 21, when I have so much more to accomplish in life. That’s a whole other scary thought, too… that I have so much left to become when here I am, partying on a Tuesday every week and have zero job offers. That’s the irony of it all, that I’m surrounded by the unknown, and yet you’re such a sure thing to me.

Oh how crazy falling in love can be.

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