R.I.P.Nelson (Madiba) Mandela!

This is most unusal for me, posting a photograph of someone I’ve never met: but it somehow seems appropriate, since he has recently passed away.  Thirty-five, maybe forty years ago, when I was a young mother with 3 little ones, I believed that it was important to stand up for what was the right thing, so I became part of the protest marches in the north of NZ, against aparthied in South Africa, against the detention of this man, and against the mistreatment of so many other people who spoke out against a nasty and horrid regieme! Someone gave me the book about Steve Biko: I cried and cried!

Have read  articles by foreign, (to S.Africans,) journalists who had actually met him and wanted to write about the experience. In NZ, there were many supporters of the freedom fighters in that far off land. People who were willing to put their lives on the line as their way of protesting the attrocities which were occuring in the country at that time. 

Aparthied: such a big subject to cover, yet this man who had once, long been an incarcerated victim of that system, stood as a beacon of Hope, Forgiveness and Reconcilliation to every human being on the planet: – it’s no wonder he is admired and  respected by so many.

R.I.P. Nelson Mandela.

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