The Beginning ~

I have had many diaries in the past, including ITW, & Opendiary. Its very upsetting when you can’t get to your diary to write an entry, leave notes to others, post pictures, etc.

Therefore, I am giving this diary site a try to see if it might be my new diary home to post my daily thoughts. If it is, then I will share.
Its always hard to know what to say when you first start out but once I get going. OH boy. So I’ll add more tomorrow. Sweet dreams, & Goodnite Moon !
Hugs, Turtle

2 thoughts on “The Beginning ~”

  1. Hi, I welcome you and you are going to love this site:) Its friendly and most of the people that write on here are awesome. We all love to read and comment and sometimes give advice. I am sprout22 and live in Oregon married and have a sweet little dog named sprout. I am a retired RN and loving retirement. Hope to see and read more of your writing. Have a great day.

  2. OMG! I love your name! Welcome to Goodnight Journal, I’m Luny:)

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