Writing and Revising

Holy Chalupa, or Crap, which ever you prefer. I am in the middle of a holy grail homework day. It actually started last night. I am digging  myself out and it feels good. I turned in many short writing assignments today and some extra credit efforts and you would all be proud at my editing and revising to make complete and coherent messages.  I am starting to get tired tonight, however. Poo!
Sorry I haven’t been around but we had a 3 day long snow storm that landed me on my bed often and also got two of my classes canceled thankfully, giving me some breathing space and making my life more pleasantly paced?.  I was doing extra art activities for our Holiday party that was held in freezing azz cold weather Friday night but was a huge success.!  We were worried about the turn out because of the cold but it was normal. I did face painting again.
Tomorrow I have to go to XXXXX in this still deep freeze and take some hand held can openers that were raised for a can opener drive, to the homeless shelter and food shelf place. I have to make up a tour that my classmates went on but I didn’t make also and write a little tiny paper on it, then get to school.
My last writing for work class is THIS TUESDAY NIGHT!  This is the beginning of the end of classes for me this semester.  Not sure but I think my finals will be over next Thursday or Friday!  the 16th is the choir concert, our final in the p.m. usually nobody comes so…
The new lap-top arrived Wednesday and I have not even been able to check to see if it is in the box yet. *sigh*.  I started slightly looking for a vehicle and am thinking of getting a plane ticket out of here for somewhere for my birthday and New years.  Pray I stumble across a deal that is good enough to be true and on the cheaper side!  My passport expires January 12 so if I leave the states, I will have to be back by then. ha ha.. And my new semester starts the 13th I think.
I really wish I had a partner in this crime.  i hope I can find somewhere to go reasonable or I won’t be going….  I turn 50 on the 30th of this month. ooooff dah!

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  1. Hahaha! Found You!!! I wonder…. as you’re looking for a car, do you have a male friend whom you can trust, to do this for you?? Car dealers are notorious for ripping off women who don’t know the inner workings of a motor vehicle – and I expect second-hand car dealers are the same All over the world!! Love you.:)

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