My life at the moment

Does anyone else ever feel like their life is stuck on repeat? I haven’t really thought about it but ever since I have started going to my new school (which isn’t actually all that new since I started in August) I have been doing the same exact thing every day. I get up, get ready for school, endure 1st-3rd period, have fun a 4th, eat, endure the day until 3:10, do homework, go on my laptop, go to bed and think about life until I pass out, wake up several times until it is morning. Then repeat. Everything that I have had interest in I lost that interest and leave it all unfinished. This is the most of I have shared for about a month. I can’t tell my friends about this stuff because it will only result in them thinking I am crazy, which will only result in bad things. I haven’t slept properly for a while and I feel very tired (even though I think I mentioned that). I might just be over analyzing but I feel that everyone I see does the same things over and over every single day. It also might just be the lack of sleep. I don’t know any more.

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