Feeling at home

I feel comfortable and feel like I actually belong and fit somewhere…. I’m here in W.V with my hubby….I sure as hell have missed him…. Happy we are back together again…. my life felt empty and I was slowly slipping into the dark abyss…. I have the dark and the light…. have to experience the dark before you begin to learn the light….. I know i’m going to be very depressed when I do have to leave my love….each time does not get easier that much I can def say…. I love you Jessie and you are mine 4ever….. our love is infinity…… our love is a state of being…. love being around kids….got to say these two kids becca and jackson remind me so much of my children and how much I miss them…It would be a serious Christmas miracle just to be able to see them…..but I’m not putting much hope into it because I learned when my hopes are up high. I just get let down worse…. but it is one Christmas miracle being here with my hubby… I know we are divorce but alot of people got between us and we decided that we aren’t going to let other people influence our relationship….. <3

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