Happy Birthday to me!!!

Well, today marks the day that I turn one year older. Hard to believe I’m 26 already. My how time flies after high school. I have been soo soo busy lately with work and studying for my exam. I have to take it tomorrow and I’m not totally ready but I can only study so much since it’s over the whole book. So along with working a full week (yes 7 days) I also had to juggle time to study and get my house work done. It has been stressful since I have yet to find time to do my Xmas shopping and it’s just around the corner. I’m hoping I can get most of it done tomorrow after I am done with my exam. Just means that I have to go buy wrapping paper and tape as well lol. I have two gifts ordered already and they have been shipped so hopefully they arrive sooner than later. And on top of everything else, I had to get the dreaded womanly exam done today ON MY BDAY. Not a pleasant time to have one but deff not pleasant to have it on your bday but I didn’t have any other days to do it. So aside from everything, things are still goin well. I’m pretty excited for Xmas because I want to see the happiness on the face of my bf when he opens his gifts. I have an early get together with my mom next week since she will be gone before Xmas. She is going to Florida to spend the holiday with my oldest brother. She would move down there if she could. I know I just ramble on about nothing in my posts but mainly because I don’t have anything too exciting going on right now. Just very busy. Well I hope everyone is going to have a good holiday and I’m excited to read what people post about their gifts and their time spent with family. Write soon.

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