It’s Been A Month, yesterday!

It’s too soon to even think that I am recovering: I AM NOT!

Tears stream down my face whenever my thoughts wander toward memories of my dog, but that’s OK – I know that tears are the first stage of the healing process. This just may be a very long stage to get through! I am filling the gaps between my physical tasks at home here, by reading great voluminous books about espionage,(my favourite reads,) and this gives my mind something else to process. I am Peter Wright: “SpyCatcher” or John Preston working for MI5 British Intelligence! I’m even, (seriously,) considering writing a screen-play for “The Fourth Protocol” one of Fredrick Forsythe’s books. Love these stories, so many details, so many characters.

This is just a mark on the calender …. one day I will stop and count them. Perhaps by then the Healing will be complete! 😉


3 thoughts on “It’s Been A Month, yesterday!”

  1. Oh emmi so sorry again that you have to go though this. It will get better as time passes. You need to write a book. I will buy it for sure. You are a great writer and a sweet great person:) You have a great weekend.

  2. Charlotte, I’m OK my dear! I just need to document how I feel during this time: I am just letting the grief happen. It doesn’t last for very long, but it’s real and it interrupts my routine….. and I am actually very happy that I can grieve for my dog properly. What no one in 2013 knows about me, is that I suffered badly with head injuries from the car smash which killed my 1st husband in 1972 – and the effects are on-going. After recovery, I couldn’t feel any emotions, not happiness nor grief, for 10 years. With the birth of my 3 babies I learned love, despair, happiness, grief etc… again, but there is still an area of Non-feeling, & there is stil the temptation to “not bother to grieve!” To just Shut it away & forget! But, I would be doing myself and my lovely dog a disservice, if I did that. Our companionship would count for nothing. I don’t want that!
    🙂 Thank you for your continual support, dear Charlotte!

  3. What a beautiful dog, I also have a dog, a ten year old Blue Heeler who is my child. I dread the day she is gone. I’m very sorry for your loss.

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