Things about things

I have realized that I do some pretty weird things. Here is a list:

1)When something scares me or people that I’m not close to get near me, I put my hands over my head and freeze up.

2) I tend to lie more to people who are close to me or people that I am trying to impress.

3) I cry and smile when I am angry, I have a neutral expression when I am sad, and when I am happy I have an angry or sad expression (I don’t quite understand this…).

4) I can remember my first day of 1st grade, but I can’t remember If I had homework this weekend.

5) I scream in pain over an paper-cut but, if I get hit with a giant dictionary, I am just fine.

I would type more but it is getting late. I know no-one is reading this, but it feels good to get it out there at least.

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