Just thought I would add an entry.

I have a bad habit, I tend to talk over people , I interrupt people in mid sentence. Why do I do that? Well lets try to dissect this problem….

Only today I was told by my Manager that I interrupt him in mid sentence and how much he hates it..I’ve read articles on how to avoid this annoying habit of mine. Tried to wait for a pause in the conversation where I can interject my input or ideas but, by the time I open my mouth someone else has spoke and I have to keep quite again,,so me being me bites the bullet and I speak when I should remain quiet..Of course this does not go down well, immediately I get the look,  you know the one that says you stupid woman you spoke when you shouldn’t.. so what can you do but, jump to your own defense and say what you needed to say in the first place…and hope for the awkward look to disappear.

I know it’s not a very flattering attribute but, I always feel that I don’t get heard so I have no choice but, to interrupt. I say what I need to say and wait in the wings for a response,, sometimes it’s positive some times not but, if we don’t speak out I generally feel people will walk all over you and if you have something to say do what LULU did and SHOUT….

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