X Factor Best & Worst

X Factor we all watch it more for the bad performances than the good…

Personally I like to the auditions, I always wait to see who sneaks up and surprises me with the best vocal of the season take, Leona Lewis she was and is a diva 100 %..

But, what of the ones who can’t sing a note, who are arrogant and go onto the stage saying I am the best and I can sing and win the X Factor when asked why they have auditioned  When the judges tell them they don’t have a chance not everyone leaves quietly. This one girl was not happy and she returned with her parents. The father asked Simon if he had a heart and Simon retorts by saying they were responsible and being delusional. He harshly told them they are not doing any favors by encouraging their child that she has talent…Harsh yes but, I agree,, A good parent should not set their child up no matter how old they are by going on national t v only to be booed off stage…. if the family love and care for someone surely we should be honest and tell them their voice at best should be reserved for the karaoke party  where the worst is actually applauded…..


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