Help!!! What do I do? I’ve got my self into a terrible situation and I don’t know how to get out of it!
So here’s the low down – Last week, on Friday night. I may or may not have made out with my dad’s best mates, son! I had only just met him for the first time that day! Like about literally 2 hours before! I wasn’t drunk that night, but I was ‘merry’. I was fully aware of what I was doing and the fact that I was stringing him along. I feel so ashamed that I would do such a thing to a kind, pure hearted boy. But at the time, I didn’t care. I was feeling bad about my self, and he was there. So I used him. I have never done that to anyone before. And now I don’t know what to do. He’s my dads mates, son and my sister friends, brother! Shit! Could it be any more awkward. Now all he has been doing for the past 2 weeks is pester me on Facebook and ask for my number. I’m not one that ever likes to give out my number, and also I’m barely ever on my phone. It’s always switched off and at home. I don’t take or use it. I hate the bloody thing. And I only go on Facebook to talk to my family from Australia. So that’s only every now and then. I feel bad that I am technically not answering him straight away/on purpose. But I did tell him in rarely on Facebook anyway. But he’s the type of boy that makes your heart shout, at the fact he is just so sweet and innocent. I don’t like him, nor love him in the way that he likes me. I like him, but as a friend. I wouldn’t mind being friends with him. As that would be alright. But I don’t want to break his heart after I used him like that. But he should have know what he was getting into. After all he was the one who kissed me. So…..
Also I have a strong friendship with a boy I met at a local friends party/get together a few years back. We are both in the same sub-culture. And like the same things. But we also bicker likes there’s no tomorrow over football teams and who is more intelligent. Which is perfect! I love it! We also are just as dirty minded as each other. Me being the worse – honestly I’m terrible! I will ruin any pure minded person in an instant. (heehee) so I get along with him really well, he’s amazing. I really like him, and I believe that he likes me to. I was even brave enough to swap number with him, and I like I mentioned before, I don’t ever do that, unless I believe/trust you.
And its not hast I don’t trust (lets call him L) he’s nice, and sweet but he’s just not my type. He’s to…Soft! I’m a very strong and tough minded and bodied person. I’m a skingirl for god’s sake. Ad he’s a…well he’s some weird boy who’s into rock, screamo and all that shit… I hate Rock, and scremo! Its crap! (no offence to those who like it…ish) L has also got long hair. A boy with long hair always reminds me of a hippie – and don’t get me started on that shit! But anyway, it looks nice on him. Also very soft! But I could never se us going anywhere. I would just much prefer us being friend’s. I just don’t know how to tell him this, with out breaking his heart. I knew I would break his heart and to be honest, I think that’s why I did it. I felt so bad that night, that I wanted someone else to feel that way too. And now, I think I will achieve just that, when I have to tell him the truth.
How do I tell L all this, with out breaking his heart in two? After all, I don’t want to say yes to my skinhead boy, that I will go out with him without explain to L why I wouldn’t go out with him first. Because otherwise that would hurt him more, right?
I would like to at least explain to him that I am sorry for what I did. Even if that means he doesn’t want to ever see me again, at least I will feel like I did the right thing. As I could never be that horrible to anyone. As I know what its like to see the one you love, dating another.

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  1. hey! I think it’s your fault. so you must do some thing right now. You have to tell him the truth. If not, then that boy will never be able to leave you from his mind. AND will hate you forever………….. so calm down and do something like i said…


  2. Lenelopsided, you should tell him you don’t like him that way, because if you let it go on for a while just to spare his feelings, eventually he’ll find out and you’ll lose him as a friend.

    Previous commenter, 1. Are you of Indian descent? and 2. Is your profile pic a minion wearing a batman costume?

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