my first post

So my name is sasha rae. This is my online diary. This is all very new to me. The main reason why I got this because I like to write. So why not do it for other people to see. I’ve been told I’m a great writer by many teachers. I take pride in it. The one place I can be free for once, and express myself with no one telling me no, no one’s judging me, and just being me.

Ilove doing makeup. I want to be a hair and makeup artist. I am very creative. Smarter than most people think actually. I am a little chubby, but I like it. I’m learning to love myself, and the people around me. But time can only tell if I’m actually learning.

love forever,

sasha rae

4 thoughts on “my first post”

  1. Hi, I love writing too, but I lose interest in what I’m writing, and I’m a bad procrastinator, so I’ve never finished my stories. Do you write or read fanfiction?

    Depends on the fanfiction peice. I’m a writer but I’ll read as goal is to learn more writing methods and to tell the world my story.

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