zoes fall

did not sleep well did not know what to think.had to go to leave for work this day,had to get my cat how was my cat?.got up early so had to wait for vet to open.i called colleen told her what happen ask if she would come down with me to vet.9;30 i called they said zoe was being looked at and would call me when i could come down around 2;30 the phone rang we went down .the news was not got zoe looked bad but i could take her home.she had no movement in her back legs.colleen gave me a big cage i set it up a placed her in it.this was hard to watch my cat was hurt bad.she tried to move but her back legs would not she tried hard and was panicking.what has happen to my cat.she was drugged up still and was crying immediately at this site i cried for my cat,she could not live like this i cried.colleen text and we agreed she would come over and look at things.as i waited my head went all over my cat was a messed she was scrabbling around trying to move out side the cage  this hit me even harder.i calm down a bit when colleen arrived she has a lot of experiences with wounded animals so she talked me through.she stayed awhile and when she leaft i had a better outlook.zoe was in the age but did not like it she wanted out and kept putting her paw out the side and stared at the love seat in my living room ok i thought.i went to store to buy some puppy pee pads and set up my love seat for zoe to lie on.this help because she always slept here.i stayed up all night whatching my cat struggle with all that she had to deal with.through the night i wondered how could this happen and why.i replayed every thing in my mind.was this real ? i only take one look at my cat and new.dawn creep in all night and this day i had to try and calm my cat down during her fits give her meds and change the pads from under her she was given water shots for dehydration and was leaking out from behide.her urine was red with blood.i could tell that the meds i gave her were really messing her up but i did not want my cat in pain.zoe has massive tissue damge through out her back and hips,internal organ damage but nothing burst.a discovery of arthritis in the spine,deep bone bruises nothing broken.and lots of swelling.we had to wait to hear from vet to see if in fact that her back was broke.this would be the end for my loved cat

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