A New Beginning

I started having online diaries since I was in my early teens. I had a total of 3, and all of them closed down already.So, I am really glad I ran into this site, it is exactly what I needed.

As I struggle through recovering from depression and finding a job at the same time, I came to (another) realization that whatever I am doing is not working. Midst this mess, I decided I needed another “restart”. But it has to be a bit different this time.

Of course, I’m trying to incorporate meditation, yoga and exercise into my daily routine. But I know I need something additional, and that’s when public journaling comes in. I am determined to journal every day (I know I’ll miss some, but trying not to miss more than one day at a time), and write about things I think might help me feel better, rather than only going on rants as I used to.

I am one of those awkward people, and feel like I don’t seem smart at all when talking to others. I searched “how to become smarter” and thought of how I can include this into my every day life:

1. Improve Memories

How I plan on implementing: For now, I am just going to become more mindful, and hopefully my daily meditation sessions will help.

2. Read

How I plan on implementing: I’m just going to start with books on my “to read” list, mostly YA fiction.

3. Read the news

How I plan on implementing: I’m going to get on news websites like CNN, BBC, NPR,… and share at least headlines of articles I find interesting here.

4. Research

How I plan on implementing: I am a researcher, so I think that is already taken care of.

5. Practice Writing Skills

How I plan on implementing: Journal every day!

I hope this will help me get back on my feet, and move on with my life. Have you ever needed a “restart”? How did you do it? What was the results? I would love to hear success stories and welcome any suggestions.


2 thoughts on “A New Beginning”

  1. I think your strategy will work well! I did have a “restart”, but a restart in attitude and personality. Only one of them was my choice though (I chose my change in attitude but i worked around the change in personality and in a way I changed it). My new routine consists of writing everyday to relieve stress, but with all this change, I let myself become lazy. I don’t think this is really a success story, but with this “restart” I have handled things in a much more acceptable way, until recently.

  2. Thank you for sharing your experience! I become lazy very easily, so I understand how that feels. I am trying to get past feeling awful and start to forgive myself. But it is a process.

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