Feeling: Depressed
Time: 5:18pm
Date: 18/12/13, Wednesday

Today was the last day of school for the year which doesn’t really feel like it. I’m quite depressed these past weeks..
I have a crush on this person and I wish I was able to see that person one last time. My friend saw her crush twice( Isn’t she lucky?!)

It’s 5:20pm and I’m quite bored, I was just over at my bestie’s gotta say it wasn’t awkward as I thought even though I went there a couple of times.

I’m not looking forward to tomorrow since Mum’s boyfriend would be at home since its his dayoff. I really hate him, We’ve had a rough patch a few days back and I planned not to talk to him. I’ve had enough he has been treating my family like shit for the last 10 years.

I can’t seem to get my crush out of my head but my feelings are fading but it seems that I’m not letting go of them for some reason.. I don’t want to do anything with him and i know I can’t because he’s a teacher. When it was his first day I never had a crush but I guess I made myself to because he was great-looking.

I kinda wish
I had him for kris kringle but I had this spoiled chick for geography

I guess that’s it for now.


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